Emerging Technologies


As part of the Aristotle project, UCSB constructed a system for predicting price changes for AWS spot instances—a volatile class of service offered by AWS at a reduced cost. Originally designed to provide durability guarantees, the system is called DrAFTS—Durability Agreements from Time Series.

DrAFTS utilizes QBETS internally for outlier detection and remediation. It monitors the spot price in AWS continuously and generates a heat map of price changes over a user-specified time period. Because the new spot pricing mechanism deployed by AWS in November 2017 changes prices slowly, the system allows users to predict price increases or decreases in real time. See Aristotle AWS SpotPrice Visualizer, beta version 1.0.

At the request of the Globus Project, we collaborated with Ian Foster’s team and integrated DrAFTS with Globus Genomics. Early results are promising. DrAFTS testing and optimization continues.